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World – The Daily Caller

Woman Eaten Alive By Her Own Pigs 2019-02-08 15:54:09She died of blood loss

Veterinarian Who Implanted Heroin Into Puppies And Used 2019-02-08 12:43:56One puppy became a drug-detection dog

Despite Heroin Injection Sites Galore, Overdose Deaths Spike 2019-02-08 12:34:47'Losing friends, neighbours and loved ones to illicit overdoses at an alarming rate'

Pilot Arrested For Allegedly Getting Hammered Before Transatlantic 2019-02-08 10:28:01YIKES

Anti-Semitic Incidents Reach Record High In UK For 2019-02-07 17:08:27'Three years of rising antisemitic incidents'

Over 400 Scientific Papers On Organ Transplants May 2019-02-07 14:39:20Forced organ harvesting from prisoners

Germany Attempts To Break Facebook’s Data-Gathering Monopoly, Facebook 2019-02-07 12:21:01Facebook has one month to appeal

Quebec Cabinet Minister Says Hijab Represents ‘Lack Of 2019-02-07 12:19:45‘Not something that women should be wearing’

Fearing Invasion, Maduro Blocks Bridge And Foreign Aid 2019-02-06 19:41:21'We are not beggars'

German Government Repeals Part of Abortion Law Created 2019-02-06 17:23:37Doctors in Germany will soon be able to advertise that they offer abortions after the German government revised a 1930s law created by dictator A

Pope Francis Acknowledges Priests And Bishops Sexually Abused 2019-02-06 15:59:23'Should we do something more? Yes'

Russia Jails Danish Jehovah’s Witness For ‘Extremist Activities’ 2019-02-06 14:18:58'Living a moral way of life is again a criminal offense'

FOX News

Canadian judge sentences man who killed 6 at 2019-02-08 16:29:37A French-Canadian man who shot dead six Muslim men in a Quebec City mosque in 2017 has been sentenced to serve 40 years in prison before being eligibl

Iran opposition group calls for regime change in 2019-02-08 15:44:33Several thousand supporters of an exiled Iranian opposition group marched through Paris on Friday, calling for an end to Iran's clerical regime 40 ye

Iran's leader celebrates Islamic Revolution's anniversary with cries 2019-02-08 15:28:24Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, appearing at an air force meeting, said the United States “was "the embodiment of evil, violence, crisis-making

UN to host informal meeting of Cyprus' rival 2019-02-08 15:26:18The United Nations says it will host a new informal meeting later this month between the rival leaders of ethnically divided Cyprus.

Train blockades present test for Mexico's leftist president 2019-02-08 15:12:34Railroad blockades by radical teachers in Mexico are testing leftist President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador's commitment to nonviolence.

The Latest: Greece backs Macedonia's NATO accession 2019-02-08 15:04:29The Latest on Greece-Macedonia relations (all times local): 10 p.m. Greece's parliament has approved a measure for Macedonia to join NATO, ending a d

Comedian who portrays Ukraine’s president on TV series 2019-02-08 13:57:51Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who plays the president in a popular TV series, is the leading candidate in Ukraine’s upcoming presidential election.

Québec battles with schools and police departments over 2019-02-08 13:45:08Québec's government has found itself in a pitched battle with its school districts, hospitals and police departments over efforts to ban relig

Spain: 1 dead, 8 injured in train crash 2019-02-08 13:40:59Authorities in northeastern Spain say that a train crash near Barcelona has killed one person and injured eight others.

Bezos mentions of National Enquirer's ties to Saudi 2019-02-08 13:36:07Jeff Bezos private investigator’s shock claim that “a government entity” could have intercepted his phone and acquired racy pictures

Canadian serial killer Bruce McArthur, responsible for 8 2019-02-08 13:25:51The Canadian serial killer responsible for the murders of eight men in the Toronto area was sentenced Friday to life in prison with no chance of parol

Yemen negotiators agree to begin handover of civil 2019-02-08 13:24:17Negotiators say Yemen's warring sides agreed to exchange bodies of some of those killed in the country's 4-year-old civil war.

BBC Pashto - کور پاڼه

مارچ کې د کابل بهیر درېیمه غونډه کېږي 2019-02-08 14:30:43د سولې بله غونډه، افغان حª

سعودۍ ښځې ولې له خپل هېواده په تېښته 2019-02-08 13:52:34سلګونه سعودۍ مېرمنې هر کا

للو للو: زرين وزرې ښاپېرۍ 2019-02-08 12:34:57د للو للو دا کیسه د زرین وز

پښتون عمران چېرې دی؟ 2019-02-08 11:00:34کېدای شي عمران خان ته ووی 

'واورین ډیلی لندن ته ورته ښکاري' 2019-02-08 09:00:27د ډیلي اوسېدونکي هغه مهال

''ولسمشر غني د ځان په ګټه د ټاکنو 2019-02-08 08:16:15افغانستان کې د ولسمشریزو

پښتون ژغورنې غورځنګ کې ښځې: د ژوند حق 2019-02-08 03:57:40پښتون ژغورنې غورځنګ سره ښ

څو سوه میتره ځوړند حالت کې دنده ترسره 2019-02-08 01:31:38دې ورځو کې ډېر کسان چې تر ډ

ورځپاڼو ته کتنه: د طالبانو پر ژمنو باور 2019-02-07 23:45:01د طالبانو پر ژمنو باور مه 

پاکستان: کډوال ماشومان به د پښتو پر ځای 2019-02-07 22:26:17پاکستان کې د ملګرو ملتونو

کانګرو څه وخت په دوو پښو تګ زده 2019-02-07 21:21:56څېړونکو موندلې چې کانګرو

''مور او پلار مې زما له اجازې پرته 2019-02-07 13:06:05یو ۲۷ کلن هندی وايي، محکم 

BBC Urdu - صفحۂ اول

شیخ رشید: وزیر اعظم عمران خان نے منظوری 2019-02-08 07:05:25وفاقی وزیر برائے ریلوے شی

شوبز ڈائری: اے آر رحمان ٹرولز کے نشانے 2019-02-08 06:53:08انڈین موسیقار اے آر رحمان

محمد حنیف کا کالم: عمران خان کا ’خان‘ 2019-02-08 04:34:13عمران خان عظیم پشتون روای

فرمنگٹن یونیورسٹی کیس: روشن مستقبل کا سہانا خواب 2019-02-08 04:00:59امریکی محکمۂ ہوم لینڈ کی ž

تھائی لینڈ کی شہزادی ملک کی وزیرِ اعظم 2019-02-08 03:06:31تھائی لینڈ میں روایت کے بž

اینجلینا جولی کا بنگلہ دیش میں روہنگیا کیمپ 2019-02-08 01:27:29ہالی وڈ اداکارہ اینجلینا

شاہی قلعے میں قدیم مغلیہ حمام کی دریافت 2019-02-08 00:48:31والڈ سٹی اتھارٹی لاہور کے

جب ماں دو سالہ بیٹی کے قتل کی 2019-02-08 00:42:12پاکستان کے سب سے بڑے شہر ک

شاہی قلعے کا زیرِزمین حمام اکبری دور کی 2019-02-07 23:19:02لاہور کے شاہی قلعے میں حک

نایاب ہوتی ایسی مچھلی جو تیرتی نہیں بلکہ 2019-02-07 23:11:11تسمانیہ میں پائی جانی وال

پشتون تحفظ موومنٹ سے منسلک خواتین: مزاحمتی سیاست 2019-02-07 23:02:46پشتون تحفظ موومنٹ میں خوا

برطانیہ میں بچوں کو کھانے اور رات کو 2019-02-07 20:52:45ماہرین کا کہنا ہے کہ والد®

CBC | World News

U.S. Supreme Court blocks strict Louisiana abortion clinic 2019-02-08 06:24:20A divided U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday stopped a Louisiana law imposing strict regulations on abortion clinics from going into effect in its first m

Fire at Brazilian soccer team's training centre kills 2019-02-08 06:11:37A fire at the training centre of Rio de Janeiro soccer club Flamengo killed 10 people and injured at least three others on Friday, firefighters said.

Fight over food aid a high-stakes battle in 2019-02-08 04:33:01People backing Venezuela’s opposition want results, but as expectations rise so does the risk that they won’t be met. In a country beset b

British, Irish leaders to meet amid Brexit tensions 2019-02-08 04:18:55The British and Irish leaders are meeting to discuss the Irish border — and mend fences — amid a tense U.K.-EU standoff over Brexit.

Ireland didn't have a proper ice hockey rink 2019-02-08 04:00:00After almost 10 years of not having a suitable rink, the Irish Ice Hockey Association has managed to secure funding for a lone year-round ice rink in

Can climate-conscious celebrities influence our eating habits? 2019-02-08 04:00:00In this week's issue of our environment newsletter, we look at the growing trend of celebrities promoting an eco-friendly vegan diet, as well as the

Turkey says Saudi lack of transparency on Khashoggi 2019-02-08 03:49:52The "complete lack of transparency" from Saudi officials on the investigation into the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi is deeply concerning an

Phoenix facility where incapacitated woman was raped, gave 2019-02-07 19:56:08A prosecutor is investigating after a 29-year-old incapacitated woman gave birth on Dec. 29. A former licensed nurse has been charged with sexual assa

Amazon's Jeff Bezos says National Enquirer tried to 2019-02-07 19:08:52Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said Thursday he was the target of "extortion and blackmail" by the publisher of the National Enquirer, which he said threaten

U.K. police confirm Argentine soccer player's body recovered 2019-02-07 18:19:49Argentine soccer player Emiliano Sala, who had just signed with Premier League club Cardiff, and pilot David Ibbotson were the only people onboard the

European measles cases highest in a decade, WHO 2019-02-07 17:16:32Europe had a record number of measles cases last year.

Hall of Famer, pioneering manager Frank Robinson dead 2019-02-07 15:44:01Hall of Famer Frank Robinson, the first black manager in Major League Baseball, the last manager of the Montreal Expos and the only player to win the

WorldPost - The Huffington

Marie Colvin: U.S. Court Finds Syria Liable For 2019-02-01 05:53:01Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's government is liable for $302.5 million in damages, a judge ruled.

This Nun Is Fighting To End Sexual Abuse 2019-01-31 14:15:03Going against the church is equivalent to going against the entire society for nuns, but Lucy Kalapura is not perturbed.

Canada To Cut Diplomatic Staff In Cuba By 2019-01-31 11:39:04It's not clear what is causing the illness, which has similarly affected dozens of American diplomats, the Canadian government said.

38 Migrants Dead, Over 100 Missing After Boats 2019-01-30 10:59:47The overcrowded boats, carrying mostly Ethiopians, capsized shortly after departing the east African country of Djibouti.

U.S. Warns Americans Not To Travel To Venezuela 2019-01-30 00:28:17The advisory also came on the same day the Venezuelan government announced an investigation into opposition leader Juan Guaido.

Top Vatican Official Resigns After Being Accused Of 2019-01-29 23:31:53Hermann Geissler worked in the Vatican's doctrinal congregation, which handles discipline for sexual abuse cases.

Serial Killer Who Shook Toronto's Gay Scene Pleads 2019-01-29 13:03:50Bruce McArthur buried many of his victims on property where he worked as a landscaper.

Exclusive: Canada Offers Asylum To Pakistani Christian Woman 2019-01-29 11:56:11Asia Bibi spent eight years on death row in Pakistan on blasphemy charges, after she was accused of insulting the Prophet Mohammed.

The UAE Just Gave Its Gender Equality Awards 2019-01-28 12:26:00"Is this a joke?" one person asked on Twitter.

Prince Philip Tells Car Crash Victim He Is 2019-01-27 18:33:56The 97-year-old husband of Queen Elizabeth II wrote an apology in a letter, which was published in the Sunday Mirror.

U.S. Calls On World To 'Pick A Side' 2019-01-27 06:11:43European powers signaled they were set to follow Washington in recognizing Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido.

At Least 20 Dead As 2 Bombs Target 2019-01-27 02:30:25The blasts blew away the entrance to the cathedral and ripped through the main hall.

NYT > Home Page

Valerie Reyes Feared for Her Life. Then Her 2019-02-08 16:56:28“I feel like somebody’s going to murder me,” Ms. Reyes told her mother the day before she disappeared. She was found days later in C

Second Woman Accuses Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax of 2019-02-08 16:54:50The new allegation follows one by a California professor, Vanessa Tyson, who says Mr. Fairfax sexually assaulted her in 2004.

Complexifier, Mr. Bezos? It Is a Real Word, 2019-02-08 16:46:12Jeff Bezos, born in New Mexico, raised in Texas and educated at Princeton, must like the term, because he used it twice within a few sentences. And bo

Jeff Bezos vs. The National Enquirer: How a 2019-02-08 16:34:44A primer on the players and plot points in a fight that erupted on Thursday in accusations of extortion.

Alexandre Bissonnette Sentenced to 40 Years Without Parole 2019-02-08 16:29:24Mr. Bissonnette, a 29-year-old former politics student who became fixated on President Trump, the far right and Muslims, had pleaded guilty to six fir

High Unemployment? Stagnant Economy? Just Bash the French 2019-02-08 16:22:19How Italy’s leaders are tapping resentments, old and new, over immigration, fine art and béchamel.

Republicans Got Us Into This Mess, and They 2019-02-08 16:17:35The idea sounds crazy — until suddenly it doesn’t.

All the Ways We’ll Beat the Winter Blues 2019-02-08 16:01:25Novelty tips for people with moods.

Matthew Whitaker Says He Has Not Interfered in 2019-02-08 15:54:32In an often contentious Judiciary Committee hearing, the acting attorney general also said he had provided no inside information to President Trump.

Loose Ends: Obituary for My 20s 2019-02-08 15:50:47Even in their final days, they retained their trademark optimism and finally registered for a library card.

Amazon Deal Stirs New Tensions in New York 2019-02-08 15:48:07Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo increased pressure on critics of the planned campus in Queens as executives inside the company chafed at new roadblocks.

House Democrats, Newly Empowered, Turn Their Investigations on 2019-02-08 15:46:23The new Democratic leadership of a House committee will investigate the influence exerted by three members of President Trump’s beach club on ve

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